Cash-Case Give-Away

Friday August 5th – Saturday August 20th 

The Matinee & 6:30 PM Sessions will have a draw, the winner of the draw can choose 1 of 5 Briefcases. 

The Briefcases will contain: 

2 x $100 Prizes                                                  1 X 250 Prize 

1 x $500 Prize                                                    1 X JACKPOT Prize. 


JACKPOT will start at $1,000 and grow by $1,000 less the amount of consolation prizes awarded the previous day. (If the Matinee prize is $100, and the 6:30 PM Prize is $500, the Jackpot will grow by $400) 


The Jackpot will always be a minimum $1,000.  If the Jackpot is won at the Matinee session, the 6:30 PM session will have a $1,000 Jackpot. 


At the SATURDAY AUGUST 20th 6:30 PM Session: 

 5 draw winners will be selected. 

Draw winners will select briefcases in the order they were drawn. 


The Jackpot minimum for the final session will be $2,500 

 Cash Case

Daily Jackpots!

Thursday:    12:15pm February 9, 2023
 Caller:            Day:   Diana
                        Night:  Judie
Charity:    Youth Soccer

   Airport Progressive  48#'s


Sponsor Special     54#'s


Blue Sky Special     53#s


Lucky Pot


Pot of Gold    48#'s


Shutter Board Progressive 4#


U-Pick-Ums    25#


 Red Special    16#


  In case of any discrepancies between numbers and/or figures posted on this site, all numbers and/or figures  displayed at the hall will be taken as correct.